Friday, 7 June 2013

Upcycled: From Ladies Dress to Girls Bubble Skirt!

I am totally on a kick making little girls skirts. It is so satisfying to get two done everytime the little one naps! Plus, I have had fabric sitting around and although I bought those fabrics with a project in mind, I changed my mind! So they sit there waiting for me to have some sort of inspiration. Making skirts is the best inspiration yet!

For this skirt, I followed the same tutorial as the infinity scarf, except for one thing: adding an elastic! I used a 1-inch no roll elastic.

After sewing the long edges together and serging the ends, I just straight stitched one seam for the elastic to go through.

Then on to the next step for the infinity scarf which would be sewing the ends together, where you would normally have to handsew the last bit, that is where the elastic tunnel is, so I put it through, then using a zig zag stitch, sewed the two ends of elastic together, and then straight stitched the opening closed.

So easy!

Sorry I have no pictures, I made this so quickly I wasn't thinking.

To get the sizing, I tried it on my almost 4 year old who was busy playing games on my iPhone and when he realised I was trying a skirt on him he says, "No mommy! Get that off me!" hahaha My boys are total boys! lol I would guess this is about a size 4.

The fabric of this skirt is so cute and soft. Confession: this was a dress I got from Goodwill a few months back! I loved the floral print and knew I'd make something cute out of it! Love upcycling projects!

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