Monday, 12 November 2012

A Name Bunting

As much as I love girly things and sewing, I was blessed with sons. 
Instead of making handbags, I make boy bags with boy colours and textures.
Instead of dressing them in tutus and princess dresses, I have spiderman and batman.
They are boys! And should feel good about being boys.
I have grown to love sewing boy things.

I have seen adorable buntings for girls and have made some. But when a friend of ours had his third birthday, I thought it would be perfect to make a denim name bunting! Because this friend of his is also a very "manly boy"! :)

What I used:
Denim cut off from the bottom of my jeans- I am VERY short so I always have these scraps around.
Plain canvas fabric
Patchwork print quilting fabric
Cotton Tape

I used the same idea as my FAMILY bunting, cutting letters out of the squares.

1. Cut the denim into squares.

2. Choose which squares to use. Again, I chose stereotypical boyish colours.

3. Line them up to what you think looks best.

4. I fold the squares in half so it's easier to cut an even letter.
Start cutting letters.

5. With the letters finished, you can figure out how big of a canvas square you'll need. Cut.

6. Slowly on the sewing machine, I did a single seam on each letter onto the canvas square, tracing the letter with the thread. And then sewing the canvas square onto the denim going around the edges.

7. Cotton tape is brilliantly simple and easy for buntings, kind of like a wide shoelace which to me could be boyish too. I zigzagged the cotton tape onto the denim.

He loved it!

Happy Birthday Harry! (sorry it was a  bit late!) xx

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