Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Quiet Book

Three years ago I started a quiet book for my first baby boy. I got two pages done and stopped.
Something really hit me not too long- a determination to make and FINISH a quiet book for our big flight over the Atlantic with our two boys.

I really should have prioritised better what I did those last weeks before we moved but I think I was also a bit of an emotional wreck! To top it off my sewing machine decided to be unkind and left me hand sewing a lot. I mean HOURS. I was supposed to be done almost a week before we left but I kid you not, I ended up having to give it to my mom to finish the edges by hand and it got done TWO hours before our shuttle bus was due to arrive! Thanks mom! You're the best! Love you!

What's nicest about making your own is that its tailored to what your kids like. Each page has a story.

When Ethan saw the spider page he said, "spider poop!" and busted up laughing! What an imagination he has! Yes I know those spiders have only 6 legs and not 8 but I thought they looked friendlier with only 6.

For the flight, Ethan loved the present with the plane.

And Axel has been enjoying it too. Definitely worth the work!

Thanks for stopping by! x

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