Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Toy Bags for the Boys Room

It may be time to get some new fabrics. My pile is shrinking! And I'm getting bored.

I'm not ungrateful, just bored. I've had them for a very long time and some I have used for several projects already. The lovely Swedish fabric is new and I will make aprons out of that one (just need to find a good pattern) but I want more!

It's more fun getting dressed when you have something new to wear. It's more fun listening to music when you found a new cool band. It's more fun to whip something up in the kitchen when you have a new recipe. Sewing is the same. New fabrics makes it more fun! Anyhow,

So this post is about using what you have. Which is what a lot of us have to do. We make do. So this project isn't the best looking or matching but it is serving its purpose.

I have been wanting to tidy the boys room better and to give them more space to play. They had one box full of the big battery stuff and another box with all kinds of smaller things.

I made four bags and was able to get rid of one box which made a lot more space! Yay!

I had this plain blue fabric someone gave me ages ago and it was just enough to make the four bags. Two big and two small. I also used scrap canvas fabric to make labels.

I zigzagged the canvas labels first, then the top tunnel for the string and then zigzagged the edges.

For the string I used some leftover jersey from the first dress I made a few months ago. With jersey, it curls when you cut it but with my luck, the pretty floral print folded in and the backside is what you see! Oh well.  When I find a fabric marker or boyish stamps (dinosaurs, cars, etc) I'll label them.

Overall, I am satisfied that I am using what I have and not wasting and very pleased for the extra space the boys now I have! 

Thanks for stopping by! x

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