Monday, 23 July 2012

Sewing Hoop Wall Pockets!

I stumbled across this fun idea for sewing hoops and had to make my own! There were some really fun ideas. Check it out here! Mine is simple and was easy and quick to make.

This post does not come with how-to photos as the only way to actually make it was to give my iPhone to the toddler and the baby was napping. These are "project complete" pictures ;)

1. I cut two matching fabrics into squares and placed them where I wanted them to lay.
2. I folded the plaid down and sewed a seam for nice edge.
3. I sewed on the ribbon
4. Then I placed the plaid over the floral fabric and following the lines on the plaid, made two seams (perfect size for a pen) to make 3 pockets.
5. I put the whole thing inside the hoop, tightened it and cut the edges. 

My only tip is a reminder to double stitch near the opening as over time it will wear and tear.

Thanks for stopping by! x


  1. I have a bunch of these on my wall, but never thought of making a pocket! That is sooo cute!! Thanks for the ideas!!

    1. I totally saw this on Pinterest! it was so easy! thanks for commenting! x