Monday, 16 July 2012

The Friendship Quilt

The Friendship Quilt is an old tradition. Or so I heard. Lots of friends gather together with all their fabrics and share amongst them. Squares from everyone made into a quilt so whenever you look at it, you think of them!

This was the first activity I attended when I joined our church's Relief Society at age 18. I remember there were a lot of women and they had boxes of fabrics to choose from! It was awesome. I still have it. It used to be on display but now it sits in the closet with my other lovely table runners. Anyhow, here is mine:

On the same evening, thirteen years ago, my mom was there too- of course! This is hers:

And two years ago I made one for my little sister. But I call hers "the memory quilt." For each of the 49 squares, I wrote on a separate piece of paper 49 memories we share. To choose ONLY 49 was hard! We have hundreds of memories! Mom helped with the edges and I wish I had taken a picture of it! She has it boxed in storage at the moment. Her squares were bright and floral and perfect for spring/summer.

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