Thursday, 19 July 2012

Having A Break....In Sweden

We recently returned from a lovely family holiday in Sweden. 

One word- perfect!

 We started off the trip by having lunch with my brother and his wife in Gtbg. Then we stayed with my lovely cousins in Jkpg and were so lucky the weather was perfect everyday! Even on days that rained, the sun came back by late afternoon and we were able to go outside and enjoy the perfect Swedish summer!

Here are a few things we got to do:

Walk along the pier and have a picnic by the beach. This is actually a very big lake. Isn't it beautiful?

Four angelic children patiently waiting for the rest of us!

Love my sisters!

We spent another day in a lovely little charming place called Granna. We watched them make Polkagris- they are like giant candy canes in all kinds of different flavours. Ethan ate his mini one in minutes!

This is the awesome view driving from the car:

We spent time with extended family (sadly not everyone is pictured...) and ate lots of yummy Swedish food!

My aunt who was also at our wedding,,,

My cousin's wife and Elena (and Ethan!)

Another aunt....

Some of the cousins together...

My cousin and his wife and son who is the same age as Ethan!

More summer fun!

We picked Swedish strawberries...

Have you seen the Friends episode where Chandler makes a weird face every time a camera is in front of him? My husband is a bit like that too.... ;)

Ethan tried to help pick some strawberries but thought splashing in the mud puddles with some friends was better...


One of my favourite places with the kids was Stadsparken. A big park (no entrance fee, it's just a park) with all sorts of play areas for the kids, including a Labrynth, a bird museum, and walk path that leads you to very old houses and animals for the kids to feed. It is also known for its view over the city.

I loved these amazingly beautiful tall trees.

How clever is this? Instead of shouting or using your phone, just talk into this thing to communicate with someone on the other side of the big playground! They are colour coded so you know which one matches! Cool!

Learning to drive early... fun!

Ethan loved the maze and the Labrynth...

We loved seeing the animals and the view too!

And while all of this was happening, Axel enjoyed his time with Elena! 

Thank you so much dear family and friends for all you did for us. It could not have been more perfect and hope to do it again soon! xx

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