Friday, 29 June 2012

Getting Ready for the Fourth of July!

Can you believe that July starts this weekend? Half the year is already gone!
Of course, anything for holidays has to be done in advance so I have been working on these tidbits anticipating the grand Fourth of July!

It's ironic that I love this holiday so much, coming from a Swedish family and currently living in England and all but my husband is an American and we both love ribs! I also love all the red, white and blue! And fireworks! And the rib cook offs! And the parades! Anyhow,

As part of the celebrations, I wanted to do some home decor. Using 3 fabrics I made 3 projects and gave them to 3 special people!

 Love this simple pillow! Got the idea off of another pillow I saw that was green with birds. However, I might make another one and make the stripes the other way? It's small enough to just put on the shelf. Mom got this one.

This bunting doubled as a graduation gift. My sister got her Masters! It turned out really long. I had imagined an outside party food table....

These three hearts are meant for a "seasonal stick". I have more handmade ornaments for Valentines, Halloween and Christmas (I'll show you on another future post.)

This one was super easy and quick. 

And since I always forget things and make so many mistakes, I am posting a little how-to as a reminder! 

The perfect heart. 

Cut fabric heart like you would a paper one folding the fabric.

Then layer it all like this so the ribbon comes out where it should:

Maybe it is just me, but I find it easiest to leave the gap on the straightest part of the heart, and not the curved tops.

I've become quite the penny pincher so for the stuffing, I just washed an old pillow on the highest temperature in the washing machine and let it air dry. It will last me for quite a big number of projects!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a fun Fourth of July! :)

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