Friday, 8 June 2012

A Week of Random Sewing: Inside Pocket, Floor Bag, & Floral Summery Top

This is a bit of a random post of a few things I have done.

There are times I just do not want to carry a bag. I'd rather just have pockets. So I whipped this up in about 15 minutes with an old teeshirt and a quick stitch on the inside of my button down sweater.

A friend of mine gave me this huge orange tapestry looking fabric. I could only think of one thing to do with it. A floor pillow! Axel loves just rolling around on everyone's beds and on pillows. I used velcro as the open seam so it would double as a storage place for our winter blankets. I can easily just wash everything if I had to.

I did a zig zag stitch for the velcro. I have never used velcro for anything before and don't even know the correct way to sew it. I just did this the quick and easy way.

And here is a mini tutorial on how I made my halter dress. I might shorten the length so it is more of a top.

First, my materials:

Cut! I used another top as my pattern but its basically just 2 big squares. Then I sewed the side edges. And made a seam at the top big enough to put in an elastic later.

 It was my first time shirring and I was nervous because 1- I have limited supplies and cannot waste on mistakes, 2- I have a Brother sewing machine and I hear the two don't like each other. However, I found this perfect tutorial on youtube and everything was perfect! I did one shirred seam under the bust.

Then I put in the elastic at the top. I hand stitched the elastic ends together and any open seams.

I was really looking forward to the cute halter tie back but that was the most annoying! After several tries, I finally decided to skip having beads at all, and just tied a knot. Here is the finished dress!

I am not modelling it for you. I'll wait for my sister to come over next time and have her do it for me :)

Several of my friends are pregnant, this would make a great summer maternity wear!

Hoping next week I will be able to tackle some more items on my never ending to do list! x

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