Sunday, 3 June 2012

Paper Paper Paper!

I love pinterest. What a wonderful place full of ideas! I saw/found this, and knew I had to make my own version. It is from this website.

White card paper
Some book pages
Paper pack
A solid colour card paper to match paper pack
Scrap paper
White tack
Glue stick
Picture frame

That may look like a big list but it really isn't.

I knew I wanted to do flowers and using more of the oriental paper pack (the same one I used for the bunting). I cut out a petal with the scrap paper and with the white tack, stuck to the piece of printed paper and cut around.

Once I had my 5 petals, and using the same scrap paper petal, I tacked it to the solid card paper and cut that one a bit bigger.

It was more time consuming than I thought. But here was the results:

I love how it turned out! I need to find a picture frame for it so note-to-self, find frame first and size accordingly! I had to make more! This time I used more subtle colours:

The last one, I glued brown paper to the back of a frame matting thingy. I'm getting a bit obsessed with this concept of using pretty prints and words, maybe I will start to make cards! x


  1. This is so cute! I know all about Pinterest since my whole blog is about trying the things I find on Pinterest. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Courtney @

    1. Thanks! I'm a total Pinterest addict! lol