Saturday, 16 June 2012

Meet My Mom, the Quilting Queen

This is my Mom. She is pretty awesome. Among all the wonderful things she does, she is a very talented quilter. She said she began in her 30's (like me now) and has since fallen in love with it.

Here, I am showcasing a few things I have around that she has made. She has made A LOT of beautiful pieces and has spent countless hours making them. I remember as a little girl watching her first draw the shapes and cut them out as her pattern. I would look at her designs, and then later watch her choose her fabrics carefully. If she wasn't happy with the results, she'd undo the seams and do it again.

First I will show you the quilts she made the boys. I got this blue one for Ethan as a baby shower gift.

And this little beauty came in handy to just pop in my bag wherever we went. She says this is one of her favourites.

When Axel came along, he of course needed his own from grandma! This one has a cute white polka dot fabric on the other side.

Also, for the husband and I, and bearing in mind my husband loves green, she made us this gorgeous wall hanging. We display it in the living room for all to see and admire.

Two years ago, she decided to do something with all those tiny leftover scraps and made a whole bunch of potholders. She made over 30! The one matches our wallhanging. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm working on a Christmas themed post coming up soon, and I'll show the other two she made.

These pictures just do not do the real thing justice. These table runners belong on a nice wood coffee table, in a tidy room. I had actually gotten her the strawberry themed fabrics for Christmas a few years back and since then, have fallen in love with the fabrics myself! I was so thrilled she made this for me! The other was a gift from her and I've had it for years.

I have to ask for forgiveness. These are currently boxed up in my closet. Also, these are one only square of three and need ironed! Also, I do not know the technical terms of what the stars are called. My mom would know. Love it.

I feel like I have posted a lot, and I have, but there is still more! So I will save them for another day.

Thanks for stopping by! x


  1. WOW!!! I can't even BEGIN to imagine how long those took to make! They are all GORGEOUS!! I wish I could make something half as nice! Lucky you!

    1. Thank you!!! yes we are very lucky :) x