Monday, 11 June 2012

Blast from the Past Projects

I am currently working on a Father's day gift which includes some photographs and while scanning through iPhoto, I saw some old projects I had made before I had this blog. So I thought to share some!

First off, I must mention my mom is a Quilting Queen! I will do another post on all the amazing stuff she has made me and the kids, but for now I will share what she has helped me to make. These would also make great gifts!

This a log cabin pattern. I made this for my sister's birthday a few years ago. It is a cushion cover. I mailed it to her unfinished (hello serious postage costs from UK to USA!) but all she had to do was stuff it and close it with a quick stitch. I love the fabric combination on this!

Using a simple 9-patch pattern, we made this floor quilt for Ethan when he was a baby. Even the husband helped on this one! I loved the colours green and cream.

This is one of my favourite! It is a Christmas tree skirt. A few years ago, mom had made one big one for all of us kids (there are 6 of us!) plus I think she made some for her own siblings too. Mine is so beautiful! So I had asked her to please show me how to make a mini version. Perhaps I will do a tutorial on how to make one in the future? I honestly don't have a better picture of this because the last 2 Christmases have been quite busy! (pregnant and sick in bed, and last year we were in America) Anyhow, this would be perfect on a table in the hallway/mudroom, or on a shelf with a mini tree.

If you are new to quilting, a great start is potholders! I did a 9-patch with a border that I use all the time. Mom has made some very elaborate beautiful potholders as gifts, many of us actually don't want to use them because they are just that amazing! I'll show you when I do a post all about her :)

Thanks for stopping by! x

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