Monday, 18 June 2012

Father's Day Gifts

I am posting this after Fathers Day because my husband follows my blogs :) This year I came across a great blog with a talented, super creative "mad crafter". On her blog, diaryofamadcrafter, she posted this fun scrapbooking project.

Mine isn't as good as hers, but my husband loved it! Success!

I did make a few mistakes along the way so I thought I'd leave you one tip.

*Choose the size of card first, and punch your holes in them right away. Using a ruler, I cut an A4 size paper into fourths.

The rest is just fun! Having fun with word play with all the letters in the alphabet and matching a photo to it.

I did a little every morning so it took me like a week! This is definitely not a project for the procrastinator ;)

I had to keep it all simple and masculine! But couldn't stop myself from adding some flowers here and there :)

You can't see me or shaun's tees, but his mom had made us these tees as a family gift. Shaun's says "ME", mine says "MA ME", and then baby Ethan's, as you can see, says, "MINI ME"! It was such a great idea! Thanks Eldonna!

I had also wanted to make a handprint of Axel's hand but the kit I got didn't seem to work very well. It dried too fast and I couldn't soften it up. I'll have to try again as a late Fathers Day gift.

This is what he got the previous two years:
Year 1- Ethan's handprint and a video slideshow full of pics with the two of them together to the song "you got a friend in me".

Year 2- A picture frame. But the time I put into the pictures was the effort. I had arranged for a friend to come over and do a photo shoot. I also had my sister help me with the "dad rocks" photo. And the top photo are lyrics to a Fathers Day song the kids at church sing every year.

Gifts for men is not easy! Share your ideas! What did you or your kids make for Father's Day?

Thanks for stopping by! x

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  1. I disagree, I think yours is cuter!!! And I'm so glad he loved it! :)