Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Good Morning Robe! With Attached Sash.

Every morning the boys and I have done the same thing for years. Lately, a few things have changed, their demands a bit more specific.

They still want their milk and movie, lately they've been wanting blankets. But they can't wear blankets to the dining table for breakfast. I knew I had to make a morning robe!

Luckily, I already had a pattern! From Wal-Mart.

I changed one thing.

That loose sash that goes through loops? I knew that would be bad news for my son. He gets easily frustrated. For example: if the sash were longer on the one side than the other, he might start screaming or crying. If the sash were to ever get lost, or in the hands of his little brother, he might start screaming or crying. If the sash got caught on something as he walked, or if he tripped on it as he walked, he might start screaming or crying.

I have to be honest, I came up with this idea more for my own sake to avoid the unnecessary potential of screaming and crying.

I took the robe, decided where the sash would be and unstitched the serged hem. Then I cut the sash in half, inserted it and re-serged the hem. (He is pointing to the new inside seam.)

Close up on the outside:

Morning robes are great! A blanket you can walk around in! I love that happy face!

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