Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cabin Fever! Making the Indoors Fun


To point out the obvious, I have been absent for months. One explanation: winter. Especially where we live where the snow just seems to love us here and doesn't quite get the hint it has overstayed its welcome. And although it is more than halfway through February, my four year old asked me the other day if we were in Santa's snow globe! Except we are a bit low on our candy cane supply...

With winter comes sickness and everything gets put on hold for a few weeks while me and the kids cuddle on the couch under blankets, a tissue box nearby with a Veggie Tales and Winnie the Pooh movie marathon. Winter also has too many grey days and can you guess what that does for my motivation levels? ;)

Once in a while, on those sunny days, I get a burst of energy and inspiration! 

A few things we have done: 

A Den!

This was a super quick sewing project. I cut out the muslin, made two holes for windows, and with scraps, either sewed or glued on some pictures.

I made a snip and just hung it over the chair like this:

My boys love playing under the dining room table and they have been having some extra fun with this. Who doesn't love to pretend they're eating spiders?

A Shadow Box!

Okay this actually involved no sewing but I wanted to add it because my preschooler loves it! Found the idea on Pinterest of course. 

I took a diaper box, cut off the flaps and let the kids first paint it. Then I taped the "stage" with a house. Glued some muslin over the front and DONE! Easy!

We then used cookie cutters on construction paper, then glued our characters to popsicle sticks. Here, the train is about to be eaten by a small snowman.... I caught it on video :)

A Teepee!

This is something that I have had my eye on since my four year old was a baby! I am so glad we were finally able to make it happen! My husband was a huge help making this. It is made from PVC pipes and I sewed the cover, not too shabby for a first timer but I have definitely learned how I can make it better next time! The pipes are seven feet tall and yes I know the front flap doesn't match the sides, I really don't think my preschooler and toddler care about that ;)

Next on the list is teepee accessories! A dreamcatcher? Some more pillows?

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