Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blue Circle Skirt with Original Fabric Flower

During my quest of making a bunch of different patterned little girls skirts, I have realised how much I DISLIKE circle skirts! I am posting this for one reason:

The fabric flower and the lace trim.

I had folded the bottom hem with the intent of adding gathered tulle, but then I thought some silky ribbon and lace might be even better!

And it would be, on a different pattern. Next time and from now on I will stick to the rectangle shaped pattern. It's just so easy.

I'm skipping the whole ordeal where I cut big circle, I'm skipping the waistband, I am just talking about the trimmings for this skirt.

Here is what I did for this one:

Pinned some lace onto some silky ribbon. Straight stitch with white or cream thread.

Pin onto skirt. Straight stitch.

I wanted a small cute flower to sew onto this and I searched all over the internet. Granted there are a TON of different tutorials, I didn't find this one!

I found this on a heart I already had hanging on my wall! Bingo! That's my flower!

After carefully analysing it, I cut a circle, basted around the edges, pulled tight to gather, hand sewed it in place, added a button and done!

This skirt had so much potential. Next time I will get more of this fabric, it's so sweet. But I will use my other favourite pattern!

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