Saturday, 18 May 2013

Monster Face Knees!

Years ago on Pinterest I saw a cute way to mend those holes at the knee. I remember thinking I wanted to cut a hole in my son's jeans just so I could make a monster face!

The opportunity finally came. He wore out these cargo pants enough for me to make a simple monster face.

It was quick, simple and fun!

Just using some thick interfacing, a zig zag stitch and a sharpie marker.

1. Turn pants inside out. Trim excess thread.
2. Close the hole as much as you can.
3. The side of the interfacing with glue dots should be on the fabric.
4. Your iron should be hot. Hold down for about ten seconds. Make sure you get those corners.

Then I sewed a green zigzag with my sewing machine.

I have seen others that used felt to make the face but I just used the interfacing for the teeth and eyes. Ironing it on.

UPDATE: the interfacing does not last. I am getting some felt for next time...

I hand sewed in some blue hair.

Not so detailed as some others that I have seen but my Ethan liked it and that's all that matters really.

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