Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Christmas Decorations Box: Tree Ornaments!

This month, I am adding a set of five Christmas tree ornaments to my decorations box.

Originally, I wanted to stamp white snowflakes on the tea stained muslin with my toddler but that just turned out to be a big mess! Using paints or glueing something on would be fun. I love having a blank canvas to be freely creative with.

I have to admit, these were done in haste, the kids have been sick with croup cough, one night spent in ER for a few hours, last week I wanted to actually start and finish a book before returning it to the library (it has been 4 years since I read one) so I am VERY inconsistent right now. But at least I stop by once in a while and visit my own blog! ;)

These would also make a lovely handmade gift for someone.

Materials used for Tree Ornaments set:

Hemp string
Tea stained muslin

More lovely ideas for making your own Christmas tree decorations...

From this blog. I love the mixture of nature and words.

Found these here being used as gift tags but I think they'd be so cute on a tree!

Aren't these adorable? Found on Pinterest.

Also found on Pinterest, RED, STRIPES, BELLS on stockings! I'm dying of the cuteness!

From one of my favourite blogs, applesauce ornaments! This is definitely on our Christmas activities list for this year! I LOVE cinnamon! This brilliant girl adds glitter to hers!

Thanks for stopping by! x

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