Monday, 25 February 2013

Green Couch Cushion

With March around the corner, and hopefully spring too, I have been thinking maybe I should do some green stuff. Because in March we celebrate St Patrick's day and there's lots of green!

My husband's favourite colour is green. And green is a great colour when you have a house full of boys. Green is just great!

And so are pillow cushions.

I hope to have a huge basket full of all sorts of pillows by the end of summer and here's the first one!

I sewed the fabric together inside out leaving a hole to stuff it.

Then I flipped it and made another seam about one inch in for an edge.

Stuffed it, closed the hem, and added a button. I think that button was from an old coat or sweater. I keep all buttons!


Having kids, I think there can never be too many pillows around!

I wanted to make something the boys could sit on, only to realise when I finished that the cushion matches perfectly with our chair so I think I should use some Sesame Street fabric instead for the kids!

Another easy thing to make, start to finish, while the Axel naps.

Thanks for stopping by! x

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  1. Love, love, LOVE that fabric!!!