Friday, 22 June 2012

Sewing with Sarah!

Sarah is a friend of mine. She is very talented, beautiful, inspiring, creative, positive and a great mom! (She should totally blog all her stuff!)

A while back she hosted a few sewing nights. Here is what we did:

Hot/Cold packs with rice inside.
One on standby to heat up and the other kept in the refrigerator to cool down with.
These have been such a lifesaver on those many mornings and nights with headaches, sore necks and legs or whatever.

Tag rags. 
I made the first one for Ethan. The second was a gift from Sarah when Axel came along. Love!

One night was devoted to bring your own thing. 
You know that thing lying around that you keep putting off? I brought with me a patch to sew onto my toddler's overalls. Cute! (By the way, those overalls were made by my amazing mother-in-law!)

And from Sarah's encouragement to sew gifts or make things for special occasions, I came up with this fun project for kids. Tom Sawyer candy packs! Made from fabrics I had lying around and tied on a stick. The kids loved it!

Thanks Sarah for all your inspiration! xx

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