Friday, 20 January 2012

The Last Two Months Need a Recap

A lot has been happening. Kind of hard to keep up. I wish I had more things to post in regards to fun crafty projects. I had started this boys bunting for the kids room in November but did not get far with it.

In November we were getting ready to jet off to America for Christmas. But a few weeks before leaving, we were victims of mould and a stomach bug. We had to throw away a lot of stuff. No worries, our apartment is still full of more stuff!

Then off we went to spend Christmas with our family in Ohio. It was soooo much fun. Ethan adjusted really well to everything. Now I know he is an adaptable child. Axel was his normal darling self. Now we as parents also know that night flights are the way to go!

Our holiday was full of family, friends, good food and laughter.

The husband and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. We also celebrated my 31st birthday. It's been awesome.

We are back in England. Shaun has been in hospital due to his GBS/CIDP. It's been stressful but we have amazing friends and family here who are all helping me everyday and I thank God for them!

I hope life can get back to normal soon. Whatever it is that normal claims to be. Perhaps I should think up my own definition of "normal" and blog about it ;)

My housewife life tonight: 
Dinner, done! BBQ fajitas.
Ride to hospital, coming soon.
Babysitter for the kids, gotta love Grandma!
Later this evening we have our traditional date night, only it'll have to be via text messaging as we watch the new season of American Idol. We love the new judges.
And hopefully Ethan will have his BM. Yes BM are quite a big factor in the life of a housewife!

Everyday brings something new. Will see what comes tomorrow! x

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