Saturday, 16 July 2011

Axel Jacob Larson

Axel's arrival has been long anticipated and now that 3 weeks has gone I am still looking at him saying "You're finally here! I love you."

He was born Sunday, June 26 at about 7:30pm weighing 7lb 2oz. Labour went remarkably well. I did much better this time than with Ethan, however my recovery is taking much longer.

I think he looks like me. And sometimes he looks like a grumpy old Japanese man!

Every morning Ethan runs into the living room exclaiming "Axel! Axel!" and wants to hold him. He loves his brother. It's so cute when Ethan 'hugs' him because he bows his head down and barely touches Axel's head. 

Axel is named after Shaun's gr-gr-gr-great grandpa from Sweden. The first Mormon in his family, he was one of the first missionaries in Finland and he was one of the early settlers in Utah. Axel also means 'father of peace'.

Welcome to our family Axel, we love you and hope you like it here with us! x

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