Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Decorations Box: Advent Calendar Bags

I have been wanting to make an Advent calendar for years and I finally got around to getting it done!

For several weeks I worked on making 25 different drawstring bags.

Note: I did not want to buy new fabrics for this project. I knew I had plenty of fabric to complete the project but I would have to get creative and perhaps even repetitive. Feels good to be frugal and resourceful :)

For the drawstrings I used different ribbons, cotton lace, and also made my own drawstrings using the same fabric as the bag.

Once I started making several bags I began pegging them on the curtain in my sewing room so I could see if I needed more white, more red or more green.

After I sewn and sequenced them, then I was able to number them. I just painted the numbers freehand, but of course you could stencil or stamp.

I did make some extra small bags for a reusable form of gift wrap.

Inside each bag has a treat, but it is not chocolate or candy. I don't think I want them having that everyday! So I put a fun cereal that they rarely get (fruit loops) in small baggies and put them in there.

Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of Christmas!

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