Saturday, 24 August 2013

Halter Top Blouse with Pleats

I have had this chiffon laying around for months and I finally decided to make a loose blouse that would match my grey suit.

This grey suit is from the sale rack at Zara, and I bought it 7 years ago! I actually had bought 2 suits, one grey and one black for work. But moving to Ohio from England, I only kept the grey one. I put it on the mannequin and WOW! What a nice suit! Was I really that slim at one time in my life? If I ever fit into that suit again, I promise to never complain about my body! Anyhow, the blouse.

I knew I wanted a halter top, I knew it had to have pleats and a high neck, I knew I wanted it to be loose fitting, and here is the final outcome:

With the suit:

Unbuttoned jacket:

Note to self: serging does not look good with this fabric! Next time just fold and straight stitch!

And here is me being a proud mommy, my 4 year old has recently learned to write his name!

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