Friday, 14 June 2013

The Evolution of an Idea- A Red Knit Top

Every woman needs a red dress in her closet right?

This is the same knit fabric I made my cardigan with back in February. I am finding that red is a bit difficult to photograph. This is a brick red and in my book it is "the perfect shade of red". However, sometimes in photos it shows up too bright, like an over-happy Christmas red. Like the photos of my cardigan in February. Anyhow, it really is a nice colour.

This dress has a boat neck, kimono like sleeves and fitted all around.

For the pattern, I had thought to make it super easy by having the front and back exactly the same.

However, I made this into three pieces.



I had watched a youtube video and the lady used ribbon under her muslin for the neckline- clever. I love learning for free. Thank you YouTube :)

I wanted these same sleeves, so I pinned it on and cut!

Confession: this girl has a bad habit of cutting everything too big. I'm so paranoid of making things too small!

Although I used this as my basic pattern, I ALWAYS baste, fit it on me (not the mannequin), pin, straight stitch, fit again and serge when I'm satisfied. I always end up cutting inches off.

When cutting the back pieces, I almost cut 2 identical pieces, instead of two mirrored pieces! Must pay attention.

I love how easy these sleeves are. When sewing the side seam, stop where the flare begins, turn it out and stitch the rest of the seam. I am literally looking at that brown shirt and copying what they've done!

It is so hot, why oh why did I buy knit? Because it's Ohio and it must have been a cold day before baking us alive again.

Taking a water break and enjoying the view!

Okay back to work. I am determined to have this done today.

The neckline could have been easy, except I changed my mind and turned it into a V-neck!

I put a teeshirt I had on the mannequin and using the same technique as above, drew a V-neck with the ribbon and then on the fabric with chalk.

Using that same teeshirt as my pattern, I kind of just eyeballed how it was made and copied it:

Not bad but overall I recognise I made a TEESHIRT neckline for what was supposed to be a lovely dress.... live and learn really is my motto!

With my current shape the way it is (I really need to lose), the dress length was awkward so I cut it short enough to be just a top.

Using elastic thread, I shirred the side seams and now this top is pretty identical to my brown top instead of the dress I had originally sketched! I left my edges raw. If anyone is feeling lazy, knit is great because the edges don't fray! I am totally feeling lazy.

Close up:

I am convinced that the boat neck/kimono sleeved dress version would look lovely on a slim model. I'm a bit disappointed with how my super simple idea got so complicated, so I will try again but hopefully one of my lovely slim friends can come over and model for me? :)

Finished piece:

However I am satisfied with this finished piece, cute with a pair of jeans and a floral print scarf.

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