Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A New Skirt in 15 Minutes!

This is toddler size! 

And too bad I couldn't model this on a cute little girl, I only have boys! Will have to give these away.

I saw this lovely thing on Pinterest and wanted to try making one with a fabric I had on hand.

Her skirt looks easier than what I did, this is me and all my trial and error!

What I did:

Cut two squares, I did 20in x20in.

Serge edges unless you have a nice knit where you can skip that part.

Fold in half, cut a small circle. I measured my toddlers waist.

I chose to also serge, or you can zig zag, the inside circle seam.

Turn it inside out, straight stitch down that thick seam.

Add elastic. I used 1inch thick knit elastic. Zig zag one end before sewing. Cut off excess and zig zag together.

The outside ruffle looks kind of messy so I straight stitch again to keep that ruffle down and looking tidy.

I thought it turned out quite cute! The first one I made was a bit rubbish but practise makes perfect in all things yes?

I had this fat quarter fabric for almost four years, I thought it was cute but didn't know what to do with it, this was the perfect answer!

Here are the three I made so far. The first one is a single layer, the second one has two layers and the third one has three layers and a pocket.

Close up. Love the pocket.

 I have more of the beige floral fabric so I will make a matching fabric flower pin or headband. Maybe I'll post that when I find a cute little girl to model for me :)

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