Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Japanese Kimono

I have been wanting to make a kimono for a hundred years. 

I love them. They are so comfortable and look good on everyone!

Someone had asked why I had such an obsession with Chinese and Japanese dresses- the cheongsam (also known as qipao) and kimono.

Perhaps I could say that maybe it is because I have ancestral origins from both places. I could also say that I love how both styles are modest with their sleeves. But to be honest, I don't know. I just do! 

I found this fabric that I thought was pretty and interesting. However it was also see-through so I bought a black stretchy fabric for the lining. 

FUTURE NOTE TO SELF- Unless for a winter dress, don't use such a thick lining! It was a pain.

Kimonos are simple and extremely varied. I wanted easy, easy, easy. Only 6 pieces. 12 if you include the lining pieces.

This fabric has both stripes in its texture as well as the gentle floral print. I cut a few pieces of the actual fabric before I cut the muslin to see how the stripes would work. Then I knew the direction of the pattern.

Then muslin.



I used three inches of (unstretched) elastic to shape the bust.

I finished the top in a matter of hours. See how the v-neck is supposed to line up with that triangular waist shape? The sewing machine was okay but to make it really nice and tight and stay in its proper place, I hand sewed that.

After some fittings and tweaking a few other things, finally done!

I am still learning so its not perfect but it fits pretty good and is comfortable!

Now that this one is finally done, I am excited to start another project today!

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