Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Christmas Decorations Box: Burlap Wallhanging


Remember my Valentine's Burlap Wallhanging from last week? Here is my Christmas version and it is going into my Christmas decorations box for this month! Yay!

You will notice I made a number of mistakes along the way. I view this project as a symbol of my life. I think I know what I'm doing, I think I am making the right choices, only to kick myself later realising I was rushing. I need to slow down, meditate on life and not always try n rush the clock!

Here is what I did:

Measured and cut how big I wanted the fabric face to be. The Valentine's one is 6inx6in, this one is 8inx8in. Then I marked the halfway points with a pencil.

**MISTAKE!!! Should have used fabric pencil or chalk!

Next, using cream thread on my cream fabric, I matched up the points giving me 4 perfect squares to work with. Change cream threads to green.

Just a quick note, we moved from England to Ohio just two months ago, so this sewing machine is still new to me. My lovely mother in law gave it to me and I LOVE the embroidery features on it!! Using one of my favourite options for the border, I sewed around and through giving me 4 smaller squares.

In the top left hand corner I wanted the word JOY and had used my pencil:

**MISTAKE!!! I should have waited until after I finished my border! Oooops. Live and learn I say! I slowly used the handwheel to do the letters and then hand stitched on the button.

Change threads again! Green to cream.
Using zig zag, I finished the edges and then I threw it in the washing machine hoping the pencil would come out! Another note to self- get a fabric pencil!

The fun part is deciding what goes in the squares! I used what scraps I have (lots of Christmas fabric scraps) cutting out shapes and wanting also to add texture I decided to stamp on a snowflake with some green paint.

After I cut off all those loose threads, I layered the green plaid fabric behind the face, and using a straight stitch sewed those two together.

Change threads again from cream to green and using zigzag, I sewed the green onto the burlap. Changed threads again from green to cream and zig zagged the burlap edges.

To hang it, I used ribbon and sewed it to the edges. I thought I could just hang it on two widely separated nails or hooks, but you see how it's not flat?

There are more options on how to display. When my mom makes wallhangings, she uses these little rings:

One can also fold the top (and maybe bottom too) of the fabric to sew a tunnel and put a stick through, the top with a string, that will keep it flat when it hangs.

Like this:

(yes I was at Joann's!)

Another idea? Put it in a picture frame without the glass! Which I am seriously considering because it sounds the easiest! ;)

Although this project is left a tad incomplete, I am declaring it finished! Please tell me I'm not the only one who does that. I kind of just want to move on to the next thing because there is still so much I want to do and otherwise get done! :)

Thanks for stopping by! x


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