Thursday, 31 January 2013

Three Hearts Shelf Pillow

More hearts for Valentine's Day!

I had some random stuff laying around on my sewing table, and inspiration hit me! I have not known what to do with this crochet lace since I got it and I am happy what it's become.

I made the face first. Sewing the crochet lace first, then glued on the hearts.

The ruffles took some time. Well, I say that because I only sew when Axel naps and Ethan is entertained on my iPhone! hahaha First I pinned it around to see how much I would need. I had to sew a few pieces together to get the right length. Then I had to re-pin.

I wanted one seam on the outside instead of sewing it inside out. Just experimenting!

Now it's sitting on our hutch! Even the husband liked it :)

Thanks for stopping by! x

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