Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Christmas Decorations Box

Every Christmas has been significantly different since my husband and I got married. We had our wedding on the 19th of 2007 and a lovely full house Christmas at mom's. 

Our second Christmas, we had our own place and the husband had gotten me a sewing machine! The very next day I fell extremely sick. We found out a week and half later I was pregnant!

Our third Christmas was another lovely full house with the new baby!

(Uncle Ben with baby Ethan)

Christmas number four was spent mainly sick in bed with another pregnancy.

Christmas number five we flew across the ocean and spent Christmas with my husband's family.

This past Christmas we just moved across the ocean, but I did manage to quickly make Axel a Christmas stocking! I was determined to sew one, not buy one!

Christmas of 2013 will finally be a bit more as I had always imagined to be. A house full of homemade decorations. This year I am really planning for Christmas!

To pace myself, I have decided to make ONE thing each month. When December rolls around, everything will be ready and I can focus on baking, cooking, sledding, and having fun with the kids. Christmas crafts that month will be for them.... well this is one of my goals and as most goals it may be subject to change ;)

This month's Christmas item to go into The Box is:
A burlap bunting!

I love burlap. And buntings. Perfect!

I always use plain construction paper for my shape/pattern.

I had cut out these hearts for something else but decided to use them for this.

Five is a good number. Little time, little patience, yep five is good :)

I have been using this glue for a no-sew approach to adding the hearts to all of my recent projects. I think I need to get a bigger bottle soon! lol

My original idea was very different. Just burlap and I would use a snowflake stamp and white paint to decorate it.

Have you ever started something with one idea in mind and then changed it?

Christmas tends to last through January at our house (yes our tree is still up!) and I'll be making this lovely drink today:

1liter cranberry juice
1liter orange juice
1liter pineapple juice

Soooo good! Enjoy! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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