Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Axel's first birthday! 
He might have been pretty excited because he woke up at 2am and wouldn't go back to sleep! Two hours later, Ethan joined in! Poor Axel has been sick with a runny nose and irritability, but we tried to make it as enjoyable as possible!

I made this cute banner. I had seen a similar one on Pinterest.

Sorry these pictures are a bit blurry. Both boys kept pulling on my leg!

Was hoping to make frog cupcakes like these:

I got the food colouring, red decorating icing and MnMs. But mine turned out completely different.
My frosting was all wrong! It was too thin to hold anything!
Every year so far I have failed at birthday cake. On a non-occasion day they turn out good but on birthdays? Flop! I have officially learned my lesson! For birthdays, go to the store.

Here is a video on my husband's Facebook page where Axel "blows out the candle". Poor baby would  not stop crying and did not even have any of his own cupcake!

Axel got lots of cute presents! Ethan was close by to test all of them!

The biggest hit was the balloon from grandma! (wish I had taken more pictures! why do babies always have to cry for mommy???)

Update: Today Axel got his cupcake! What a funny way he is eating it! Ethan had done the same thing when he turned one!

Love you Axel! x


  1. Ahhhh so cuute!!! :) Happy (belated) birthday to Axel! Love the pictures, and glad he got to try his cupcake!! Even though they didn't end up looking like the other ones, they still looked delicious! :)