Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Getting to Know Ethan and Axel

Ethan has mastered using my iPhone4.
He loves to go spider hunting with his flashlight.
He loves learning and especially doing flashcards!
He loves listening to music and singing. 
He has to have socks on at all times.
He loves building towers with legos. 
He loves all things with dinosaurs.
He climbs everything.
Veggies tales has him entertained for ages!
He is very concerned for Axel and always needs to know where 
he is.

 Axel is one happy baby!
He thinks Ethan is hilarious and loves watching him.
He is very entertained by the washing machine.
He eats everything!
He loves classical music.
He loves playing chase and climbing.
He enjoys going on walks and seems very eager to start running around!                  He is the cutest thumb sucker!

We are so blessed to have these special boys in our lives. They bring us so much joy and along the way teach us patience, unconditional love, and remembering what is really important in life. xoxo

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