Thursday, 20 October 2011

Weddings Love and Romance

I Love Weddings. 
They are romantic. 
Dreams come true. 
Meeting that someone and promising each other forever is magical.

Recently, a friend of ours got married.
I have been wanting to do a series on weddings for ages, but my obsession with weddings has been something I have kept to myself. I have a stash of wedding magazines I have collected through the years and even though I have been married almost four years myself, I still love looking at wedding photography, the dresses, the decor and oh the flowers! Everything about weddings is just beautiful.

When I got married, it was pretty hectic. Shaun and I were sorting out the immigration headache, I had started a new job, we were moving house, my sister moved back to America which left me feeling 'lost', I was teaching two classes at church, and had begun a full-time MA course. I was kind of busy. A lot of things at my wedding were done VERY last minute. But it was still lovely and being a winter bride felt special. I can't help but keep track of my favourite ideas I have seen since my own wedding, maybe things I can do for future parties?

The only thing I can do right now personally is my hair. I posted about making fabric flowers and I will soon be making some to clip in my hair....

Here is what I am going for: 

I think you get the idea...
Can you see the hearts in my eyes? I love it! x

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  1. nancy, i just love that you love weddings! i think say yes to the dress, may forever be one of my favorite shows. if you love it, then by all means share the love!