Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Larson Family Names

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Before marriage, I remember thinking how good it would be to change my name to something easier to spell. Apparently there are like 100 different ways to spell "Bojesen". I married Shaun Larson. Great name. But names have brought about a lot more meaning, not just its spelling, since having kids.

When pregnant with Ethan, we chose his names not only for their cool sounding-ness, but also the definition of his name. I have a special love for my younger brother, and I wanted to connect the two of them as well. They share a middle name. It was all perfect. Ethan Alexander Larson.

Finding a name for this next little boy has proved difficult. Again, I believe definition and family connection is important. My husband and I have gone through our family history- many similar names are found in both of our families!- and we have spent endless evenings agreeing, disagreeing, joking, then changing our minds. I suppose I should admit here that I had hoped for a girl and we had her name chosen in stone. But I am happy and getting excited to have two boys.

For this little dude I picture two things. The first, how it looks on paper. The second, I imagine my two boys playing basketball on the court and shouting each other's names.  What do I hear Ethan saying?

I THINK we have a name. I hope to convince my husband of the name I think I want. But we will see when the little guy is born. Hopefully his birth announcement is soon because I am so done being pregnant!

How did you come up with your boys names? x

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  1. Noah's name is Noah David. His dad, grandpa, great grandpa and great grandpa were all Davids. And Noah well I loved the name.
    Ian Walter. Ian because it was cool and Walter for my dad who is equally as cool.
    Ammon Maxwell- Ammon for Ammon in the Book of Mormon and Maxwell for Neal A. Maxwell one of the hub's favorite general authorities.
    Boys names are hard I think. You want them to sound strong and give them a sense of who they are. Can't wait to see pics of the new little guy.